Permit to Work System Audits - Some Findings

November 17, 2023

Permit systems are an important part of work control at operating facilities where equipment is handed over from the permit issuer to the permit..

Sodium Hypochlorite vs Chlorine for Water Treatment Facilities

May 23, 2023

Sodium Hypochlorite vs Chlorine for Water Treatment Facilities

What does a suitable SCE mean?

May 9, 2023

The MHF regulations require that safety critical elements (SCEs) are verified to be suitable, but what does this actually mean in practice? We could..

Exciting Changes for 2023

April 18, 2023

Safety Solutions has recently expanded internationally over the last year, and we would love to share these changes with you. We now operate over 5..

Alarm Management Red Flags

April 6, 2023

With the advent of modern control systems, we have the unlimited capacity to configure alarms. This has resulted in many poor practices leading to..

What makes a competent hazardous area classifier?

March 29, 2023

History of hazardous area classification

What are Hazardous Areas and how are they classified?

January 17, 2023

Many areas may contain hazards, but the term “Hazardous Area” is specifically applied to locations where the likelihood of coincidentally creating..

Safety Case Resubmission

January 13, 2023

The main objective of a safety case regime is for a facility to demonstrate (to a regulator) that appropriate risk management is in place for major..

Process Safety Consequences

October 20, 2022

Consequence modelling is used to determine the worst-case scenarios that could occur due to a loss of containment of hazardous materials. This is..

Executing on a PSM Competence Program

June 28, 2022

An effective Process Safety Management (PSM) program requires specific attention to the competence of its staff and leadership. Organizations such as..